Jonathan Gates

Creative Director, Nice Person


Creative Director, Designer, and Motion Graphic Artist

Sundry Supply Co. is the fancy-pants moniker for Jonathan Gates, Creative Director.

A sought-after creative director with nearly 10 years of experience strategically leading corporate imaging for companies like Flextronics, GlobalStar, and Spot, product development for smaller startups like ICEdot, and creatively stretching budgets for a host of non-profits.

As the Associate Creative Director at Signal Factory in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he leads branding, animation, and post-production teams in developing and executing creative for the Milwaukee Bucks, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Outdoor Network, various Fortune 500 companies, and a host of  startups. A firm believer in collaboration, Jonathan believes that great ideas can come from anywhere, but execution is paramount in any project. He enjoys leading teams that are flexible enough to pursue non-traditional concepts but simultaneously deliver on tight deadlines and budgets.

Being a creative director is equal parts coming up with and managing both ideas and the creative process, but also inspiring and managing creative people.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with some very talented people. A few things I’ve found to be true:

  1. Ideas are cheap, but execution is expensive. Good ideas can come from anywhere, but creative ideas executed by skilled people is what makes the difference between a good project and bad one.
  2. Good creative takes time to develop. So, scheduling and strategy are absolutely critical to an innovative final product.
  3. Big projects require talented, committed team members. People will run through walls for you if you treat them with genuine respect and dignity, clearly explain constraints and expectations, and are quick to take blame and share credit.

While Middle America will always be home, I’m always interested in engaging stories and challenging projects. Sundry gives me the outlet to show of some the projects that didn’t quite make it to launch. If you’re more interested in the bigger projects I work on, check out the Signal Factory website and demo reels here.

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