Blur Cycling

Limited Edition, Designer Cycling Apparel
With An American Attitude

Blur Cycling

Limited-edition, designer cycling apparel with an American Attitude

In late 2013, myself, Kyle Stauffer, and Chris White from Signal Factory started designing our own cycling kits. After showing designs to some friends around the country, we found other people begging us to make more of the kits we were designing. So we founded Blur Cycling.

However, we didn’t want to be just another company churning out kits. So, to try and do things differently, we drafted a few guiding principles:

  1. Every collection must have a concise, simple theme. No exceptions.
  2. Every collection must offer both men’s and women’s kits. Non-negotiable.
  3. Every collection will be limited to 75 jerseys per size/design. Once a design sells out, it’s never to be printed again. Seriously.

The Brand

"Make That B Look Faster and Meaner"

The Kits

The Mono Collection, Vol 01

Final Thoughts

As the first collection for a new company, we couldn’t be happier with how it’s been received. It’s been a blast to see orders come in and ship cycling kits all over the world – Australia, Japan, the UK, the Netherlands, and more. As we’re prepping our next collection, we can’t wait to see how Blur continues to grow.

Creative Direction:
Kyle Stauffer
Jonathan Gates
Chris White