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The Science of Personality


Personality affects the way we relate to the world and the people in it, how we work, who we love, and how other people see us.

Although the study of personality is centuries old, our ability to understand and control such a complex and abstract concept is relatively new in the context of history.

“So we need a feature-length documentary explaining the history of the study of personality.”

Whoa. Now that’s how you start a meeting. After almost a full year, 40 hours of footage, and trips to New York (twice), London, and Los Angeles, we had an incredible 38-minute primer for those unfamiliar with the history of personality.

Working incredibly closely with the client team, Signal Factory wrote, produced, shot, edited, and posted more than 40 hours of footage into a tightly woven, surprising, and entertaining narrative that include Nazis, love triangles, American Civil War generals, and even a couple F-bombs. Featuring the foremost minds in personality psychology and business, The Science of Personality explores what personality is, how it affects our lives and the lives of those around us, and the impact of personality psychology and assessment on leadership and organizational success.



Hogan approached Signal Factory needing a friendly way to turn the typical “About Us” boilerplate into something a little more engaging – while also highlighting the main ideas and differences between their keystone products: the HPI, the MVPI, and the HDS assessments.

Through constant dialogue, we were able to develop an animation style that was entirely different from any other competitors – again helping Hogan to stand out from their peers.


Having a new product is great. Having a new product that challenges old industry wisdom is pretty disruptive. Having a product that is both of those and needs an explanation for regular people to understand? That’s exactly what we set out to accomplish with this animation for EQ Matters. Relying heavily on the style we set up in the Assessment Overview animations, we were able to take things a step further.

Final Thoughts

40 Hours of Footage? Not a Problem for this team.

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