Tulsa FMAC

A New Creative City Office
Deserves a New Creative Brand

Tulsa FMAC

Film • Music • Arts • Culture

When Tulsa’s Mayor’s Office for Film and Music came to Signal Factory needing to rename and rebrand their department as it was merging with a few others, we walked them through our typical discovery process – i.e. goals, audience, likes, dislikes, etc.

Through that process, we uncovered quite a few nuggets to hang our hat on. And if you’ve ever gone through any creative exercise with a government organization, you know that you need as many concrete blocks from which to start building.

  1. Raise local awareness
  2. Initiate a national perception change of Tulsa
Target Audience
  1. Local and regional filmmakers and musicians
  2. To be used in sponsorships and festivals
  1. Be unique and vibrant and loud
  2. Through various examples, we gathered that the overall direction needed to lean on iconic, abstract shapes
  3. Overall, the brand should be fun, simple, and bold

With that in mind, we set out drafting an expanded description of what the brand should be, and allowed that to be our guide throughout the rebranding process.

Guiding Principles

Tulsa Film, Music, Arts, & Culture – pretty much anything and everything that is exciting about Tulsa.

Whether that is thousands of patrons working their way through the First Friday Art Crawl in the Brady District, fan-boys and girls wearing incredible costumes during Oklahoma’s largest anime and pop culture extravaganza during Tokyo in Tulsa, watching the latest independent film at Circle Cinema, or listening to any number of incredible musicians playing every night of the week at the BOK Center, Cain’s Ballroom, Brady Theater, or dozens of bars around downtown.

Tulsa has, without a doubt, become the “culture capital” of Oklahoma.

The new Tulsa Film, Music, Arts, & Culture brand is a fresh, bold, and exciting face for the organization. It embodies the new energy throughout Downtown, North Tulsa, Midtown, and South Tulsa.

It is not corporate. It is not static or stale. It has an innate energy and excitement that reflects the city it represents. It is bold and simple. It is fun and exciting. It is loud and slightly abstract. It is unique and vibrant. It is not obvious or boring.

It is Tulsa.

Armed with that description, we got to work.

Brand Elements

A Distinct Logo Set for Each Department of Film, Music, Arts, & Culture

In Application

Letterhead • Envelopes • Apps • Ads • Books • Badges • And More


Final Thoughts

Bold New Directions Are Only Possible With Bold Clients

Work Completed At

Signal Factory

Creative and Art Direction

Jonathan Gates

Client Team

Ray Hoyt, Abby Kurin